Working to be successful

For one reason or another , it is said that most businessmen, political or influential menare early risers and hardworking people . We know the expression that says that the future belongs to those who wake up early . Obviously, they get up early for a very specific purpose : to work in order to succeed! Success is not for the lazy!
For his part, J. Paul Getty ,an american multi millionaires in the oil industry said: Get up early , work hard, strike oil .
Oil is a valuable resource and  it is very lucrative. However, to get it you must work hard and you must get up early. Whether you are a morning person or not there is a rule to follow for success. We must work with a precise goal in mind.

Our subconscious can only create what we expect it to create

As you already know, the universe operates according to very scientific laws .This also applies to our subconscious. It works when we provide it data.

Certainly we must  know what we want first . For instance, if we go to the restaurant ,we have to know what we feel like eating first . When we make a decision, our waiter is be able to place our order.The waiter can’t do anything until we have made a choice.

We must understand that our subconscious and  our success are partners. Our action triggers its activity. It is therefore important to have clear expectations . In other words, the way our life is designed depends on our expectations. However, our expectations can only be achieved if we work hard. The recipe to be a winner in life can be summed up as expectations + work = success.

We must work of course, but without a specific goal it is waste of time and energy. Doing so is comparable to someone who gets in their car but doesn’t where they are going. How can you reach a destination? Anyone who wants to work with the laws of success should apply these laws with care and precision. To move forward and grow ,you should know exactly what are your expecting for your life. What are your goals?

Once you reach that stage , your subconscious goes to work for you. It only takes strategic actions with an intention to succeed! Success does not just happen . Quite the opposite!

When you work, no matter what you do , keep your goal in your consciousness . With time, you will see the fruits
of your labor.Without actions, without working with strategy, it is impossible to succeed . Working ( as a slave ) without clear expectations means you willll never know success. No matter what your are doing right now , you should always ask yourself WHY
What is my goal? Do I know the reason why I am doing what I am doing right now?  By answering these questions you will be able to stay motivated throughout your day. Being motivated keeps us in the heat of the moment.

How can someone stay motivated while working towards a specific goal

Can you fail and never succeed? For sure you will have hardships and obstacles along the way. However, if you stay focus
on your goals, you will prevail.

Success is achieved by working hard. Many will work 18 hours a day and will never be successful. Many will spend their lives dreaming about the life they could have. Combine work with the desire to succeed and you will not fail. You will accomplish all of your goals and truly be happy!

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