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Scientists say we use 10% of our brain. Think about it, we only use 10% ! This means that 90% remains inactive .In other words, we tap into 10% of our full potential. We made great achievements in the fields of aviation , technology , science and more. Now imagine if we would be only 20 % of our full potential? We would be twice as far in our evolution .
What about if we would use 100 % of our brain capacity ? We would not settle for this in our daily lives. For instance, a student would not be satisfied to have 10% as an average grade and we would not be effective at work after only getting 48 minutes of sleep (10% of 8 hours). Yet in reality, we are only at 10% of our full potential.Why are we willing to live with such limitations? Are you satisfied with your financial life , your health, your social relationships ?Are you satisfied with where you live or your general living conditions? If you answered no to any of these questions , know that you are not tapping into your highest potential.Note this: It is possible to turn the tide and to radically change your life! You can do it by using a little more of the potential that is ALREADY inside of you.You’re struggling to believe it? Well, it is simply because you have a limited way of thinking. People who are optimistic, full of faith and hope, are simply people who learned to use the resources that are inside of them.
Of course, some will say that they are fully happy and satisfied with their lives. It is also true to say that what we do not know will not hurt us.
If we dare to explore this immense power in us, we will realize how miserable we were before. Prior to the invention of the airplane, it took months to cross the Atlantic! Imagine if we still had to travel on horseback?It is inconceivable for modern man to live in such conditions. The people who were able to take advantage of the power of their subconscious (to speak only of the past century) have improved our lives through their creativity, ideas and by achieving their wildest dreams. We could mention a long list of men and women who were able to use this potential.These men were able to accomplish everything by using the power of their subconscious. We believe Napoleon Hill, Clement Stone, Joseph Murphy, Ralph Waldo, Neville, etc. They all discovered the famous secret of success and benefited greatly.

How nice our lives would be if we would expand our creativity ? This is certainly possible ! Today, in the 21st century, it is our turn to shine and enjoy this. We need to harness the power of our brain.The brain is simply the working tool of the subconscious. An amazing tool that can accomplish extraordinary things. Whether it’s money or success in any field ,
you have what it takes to achieve your goals . Why settle for less when you can have more?

Unfortunately, we have not learned how to strategically use our subconscious. In school, we learn a lot of things but most of these things are useless . Learning that Christopher Columbus discovered America , when he didn’t, is of no use for us. Indians already occupied the territory, this was not a discovery.I believe teaching how to master the subconscious should be the first thing we learn in school . We came to earth to make the most of this life, not to be miserable.

The good news is that we can forget the past and start living a new happy life now!You need proof? Proof for all these stories about the subconscious, the creative potential within us etc. ? This can’t be proved intellectually.You will not be convinced by reading about it . The best proof is experience !

You must make your own experience to be truly convinced that your only limit is yourself!
What you need to do
Do you want to prosper? If the answer is yes, This is what you need to do. In the morning , start your day by saying , “I am rich , I am successful .” There is great power behind the words “I am” . You can also say : “I’m getting richer by the day .” By declaring that you are something , you become this very thing . Do it every morning, several times during the day and before you go to bed. Make sure you are in a state of relaxation and meditation (articles on the subject will be posted soon).

This exercise is ideal for prosperity but it’s also valid for all areas ( love career , etc..) Aim high and aim far !!!! Be optimistic and full of confidence when you declare what you want . Regardless of your current condition, within you lies the ability and the strength to live a different life.

Be patient but consistent. You know that anything is possible! The only question left is: What do you want out of life?

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