The Power of words

The Power of words
Generally speaking, we underestimate the power of words in our lives.

However, words gives us the power to create anything we want. Their impact in our world is priceless.We often ask ourselves: Why is everything in the world so bad? Part of the answer can probably be found right here. We live in a society where language is so negative.
Take the time to analyse the nature of words in popular movies, tv and radio shows. You will see and hear a lot of negativity.
According to Jack canfield, a specialist in the self-esteem field, a child hears 432 negative sentences per day and only 32 positive sentences. Definetely something to think about!
What is a word? It is a sound that expresses your thoughts. We think with words.They are tools to help us share what we are thinking. In other words, they are out thoughts manifested. They give structure to whatever is going on in our heads.
We know that our thoughts create our reality. Now that we know that there is direct link between our thoughts and our words, we can safely say that our words create our reality. We create our world with our words.
The importance of the word is emphasized in the bible. The book of Genesis 1:3  And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
Every mainstream religion underlines the importance of the word. The power to create through words has been used by ancient civilizations, eons agos!

—The importance of the Power of words—-

We understand the significance of words when we come to the realization that we say more than 10 000 words per day.
Words ( sounds) are energy. Modern science already proved it. The words that we use have a great influence on our emotions and we know that our emotions play a big part in our realities.
Words are part of the creating process. We can divide this process in 3 steps:
– Everything begins with a thought
– This though is structured and organized by words
– Then, words generate emotions. The emotional states influence our realities in a positive or in a negative way.
The words we say are audible reflections of our thoughts and beliefs. When we analyze the nature and the quality of the words we  frequently use, we can predict our future. Don’t forget that our future lies in our present.
If you want to change the way you think to avoid negativity, one of the best ways to make it happen is to change  your vocabulary. Changing the way we speak inevitably changes our reality.
If you use negative words on a daily basis, your life is probably a living hell. The reverse is also true!
Success or failure will be determined by the words you choose to say.
We all have a choice. If you want a successful life, in any field, you have to consciously think about the words you speak. Words that inspire you to start a journey on the road to success. We have to learn how to master the power of words.
You possess the power to create your destiny. It is in you! It is in your reach!
King Salomon said it best a long time ago:
The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.
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