Positive affirmations

When we talk about positive thinking, the law of attraction, or anything that relates to the subconscious, there is one aspect that is often overlooked : writing!

Writing plays a central role when it comes to the subconscious. Through the history of civilizations, writing has often played a major role. Most mainstream religions have sacred books ( scriptures ). It is not without purpose. The prophets (or their followers) understood the power of writing . This why they needed to write down the various revelations of the prophets or religious leaders. We find the same principle in all areas (literature, philosophy, science, etc.) .

On a personal level , many great great historical figures applied this principle in their lives.

Harry Truman, former president of the United States, knew the secret. It is a known fact that he knew it was crucial to write down his emotions. Even the most violent ones.  Writer David McCullough mentions this in his biographical book he wrote about President Truman.

To clearly express our emotions , nothing is better than writing. it doesn’t matter if we are in a positive or a negative mood. Writing down the way we feel helps us understand what we’re feeling. Therefore it becomes easier to manage. Remember that our emotions create the world in which we live in. We can say that emotions are the
tools that create thoughts and our thoughts have a direct impact on our reality.

It is time for you to master this true power : the power of writing!

Writing positive affirmations can bring you a lot of success, if you want to succeed with the law of attraction.
This seems trivial but this principle can have a huge positive impact in your life. Writing ( which is only a static manifestation of thought ) allows us to have a huge influence on our subconscious. By writing your affirmations on a regular basis , your subconscious receives, quickly and clearly, the order he must perform for you. Your subconscious is there for you ! Whether it is health , prosperity or whatever you want to experience in your life , it can achieve it . It is a gift that God has given to mankind.The subconscious obeys all laws . If we apply these laws, we will see results . It is like gravity. This is how the universe works!

The law of attraction can give you everything you want (through your subconscious ).Therefore , you should know exactly what you want . This is where the power of writing reveals itself. When you write, you have to specify what you want in great detail . Writing forces you to be specific with your requests.

Apply this simple exercise and you will be amazed to see how quickly your wishes will come true.

However, it is very important to follow a number of rules to reap the benefits of this exercise.

Positive affirmations in the present moment

Living in the moment

Declare your positive affirmations by beginning with : I AM.

Affirmations need to be said in the present tense. By declaring I am … ( what you want or need ) , you tell your subconscious that you are what you want to be.Your subconscious will only grant your request if you are specific.

For instance:
– I am prosperous (or I become more and more prosperous day by day )
– I am healthy (or my health is improving every day)
– I accomplish all my projects ( project name , it is important be specific )

Make sure your affirmations are as real as possible as this facilitates the acceptance of your affirmations by your subconscious .

Choose the right time

There are at least two strategic times during the day to make these affirmations. The first one is in the morning when you wake up . After a good night sleep ,it is a very good thing to do before you start your day. This allows you to have a natural dose of energy and enthusiasm.

The other best time of day to declare affirmations is just before bedtime. It is beneficial to sow positive thoughts in your subconscious before you fall asleep. While your body regenerates , your thoughts get soaked in your subconscious . Once it is done,you just have to be patient and wait for the manifestation of your new reality ..

Start practicing today! Positive affirmations can change your life for the better.

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