The Power of words

The Power of words Generally speaking, we underestimate the power of words in our lives. However, words gives us the power to create anything we want. Their impact in our world is priceless.We often ask ourselves: Why is everything in the world so bad? Part of the answer can probably Read more


Working to be successful

Working to be successful For one reason or another , it is said that most businessmen, political or influential menare early risers and hardworking people . We know the expression that says that the future belongs to those who wake up early . Obviously, they get up early for a very specific purpose Read more


Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations When we talk about positive thinking, the law of attraction, or anything that relates to the subconscious, there is one aspect that is often overlooked : writing! Writing plays a central role when it comes to the subconscious. Through the history of civilizations, writing has often played a major Read more



Généralement, la période du réveil le matin, est une période difficile pour la majorité d’entre nous. Pour ces derniers, se lever de son lit pour aller travailler est un supplice et leur seul souhait sur le coup est de pouvoir rester au lit et faire la grasse matinée. Mais pour d’autres, Read more