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5 antidotes face à l’échec

We all want a life full of success. Most of us think about it all the time. We love to hear stories about successful people and many will fight all their lives to obtain it. Success is simply reaching the goals we have set for ourselves. Achieving our goals gives us an incredible amount of joy and happiness. This is very important for our self-esteem. It is the only way we can truly be happy in this life.

Yes, it is possible for us to be happy and making our craziest dreams come true!!!!

Sure enough, we can’t do it overnight. However, by taking small steps everyday, we will be able to make our dreams a reality.
Take the case of a student for example. A student will normally not pass a final exam without doing homework and assignments. By successfully completing mini- tests throughout the year, he or she will be able to pass the final exam in order to graduate. It is the same thing when it comes to achieving a goal in any other aspect. By taking small steps, we get closer and closer to our dream, defying all statistics and probabilities . A successful person is someone who works hard and ,with perseverance, strives for excellence . This is the key to success!

Know that we do not have to run after money! By realizing our full potential , the money will come to us naturally.

In your opinion, are there genuine reasons that keep you from realizing your full potential? Obviously , there are some factors that are beyond our control . We can think about things like war, natural disasters etc…These are exceptional circumstances and we understand that they affect our lives. Apart from these particular situations , I challenge you to find a real reason that prevents you from truly self- realize. The truth is , you have no real reason that is preventing you to embark on the road to success . Most excuses we use to not undertake or achieve our dreams are bogus. We can defeat this by becoming stronger than the excuses. The pursuit of your dream has to be bigger than your excuse.

Generally speaking, it’s our fears in different forms ( complex , doubts and psychological wounds of the past) that keep us prisoners of ourselves.

The only barrier between you and the road to success is YOU!

Here are 5 antidotes to help you overcome your fears and overcome failure in your life :


1) Set a goal you want to achieve.

An aircraft that has the best pilots on board will go nowhere if the there is no flight plan and a clearly defined destination.

2) Develop an effective strategy.

As the old saying goes ” if you fail to plan, plan to fail ( ” If you fail to plan you are scheduling to fail ! “Benjamin Franklin) .
Having a reliable and logical plan helps us to achieve any goal. Every day is an opportunity to work on our personal goals ( and collective) .

We have to make the most of every day. When we work on our plan with persistence the reward comes very quickly. It is important to follow the plan we set for ourselves. Furthermore, be ready to adapt and make changes if necessary . You need to be prepared to deal with unexpected situations because trust me, they will happen.

3) Stay positive, even in the face of adversity

Keep a positive attitude. By thinking positively, we open ourselves to a whole world of miracles and endless possibilities.
We live in the world we create with our own thoughts. Our positive thoughts create miracles and unexpected opportunities for us to achieve our goals. By avoiding negative attitudes you will live in a wonderful world. Even when we have to deal with  obstacles and difficulties .

4) Having unwavering faith

To have faith means : believing that EVERYTHING is possible when we believe in ourselves and our goals. Faith frees your creative potential and destroys all fears and doubts. Yes , fear is energy. Fear is simply the negative side of faith. Fear creates negative things and faith creates positive things. To succeed you must have faith in your unlimited possibilities. Just believe in its potential and you will overcome the obstacles that will come your way. We must have confidence in ourselves because faith makes things that are impossible POSSIBLE . Your success and your future depends on you!!!

5) Learn continuously

Having the desire to succeed is not enough. We must take action .To act strategically , we must be up to date on our knowledge. For instance, without the knowledge of the internet, we limit ourselves greatly . To achieve success , we must constantly improve our knowledge. Our education must never end because our world is constantly changing. This is how we  maintain success over the years. Be the best in your field . Enroll in trainings courses and seminars. Read a lot about everything you need to know to achieve your goal and anything that is related as well.Be ahead of the majority and the majority will follow you. You will become an incredible leader!

With these 5 antidotes against failure , you can achieve what you want. They are ultra- powerful tools for those who put them into practice. You can change your life today! Apply them in everything you do and you will see success in all your endeavors.

Hoping you reach all of your goals!

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